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Infrared cross correlation gas flowmeter

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article image I.R. Masterflow -- operates at temperatures up to 1200°C.

ANRI Instruments & Controls is the new Australian distributor for Epsilon Technologies, and has released the I.R. Masterflow, a new flowmeter especially designed to function in high temperatures (-40°C - +1200°C) and high dust (>100mg/m³) processes.

While many flowmeters are unable to function under these conditions, the I.R. Masterflow's infrared cross correlation non-contact measuring system (based on the time of flight) allows for very high accuracy.

Mass flow is calculated from temperature and pressure measurements, using the infrared correlation theory.

The unit has cross-stacked infrared detectors, focusing lenses, and mirrors, which gives the I.R. Masterflow a high level of accuracy.

This form of non-contact measurement means no system contamination, and an air purge system for optics keeps the lenses free of dust.

Mounted across the duct, with no moving parts, the I.R. Masterflow has very little need of maintenance.

The standard flow measurement range is from 5-25m/sec (also available are slow: 0.1-5m/sec; and fast: 25m/sec), and the operating temperature is from -40°C to +55°C.

With IP65 - NEMA 4X housing, the standard I.R. Masterflow can be used on stacks from 0.5 to 2.5 metres (other dimensions are available).

While the I.R. Masterflow is ideal for gas combustion applications, it is also suited to any other application where a mixture of gasses is present.

Applications include gasification plants, incineration, crematoria, and chemical & petrochemical plants.

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