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Flow-meter-controlled pump

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article image Liquid dosing at very low flow rates.

BRONKHORST, represented in Australia by ANRI Instruments & Controls , has released the Liqui-Flow pump controller, providing simple, controlled liquid dosing at very low flow rates. It is suitable for automated mass flow control of reactants, additives, or catalysts in food, chemicals and pharmaceutical applications.

The controller provides a close-coupled mass flow meter and pump, which accepts analogue or digital signals defining the required mass flow rate. A pulsation-free rotary positive displacement pump allows the unit to avoid pulsating flow patterns produced by most low-flow pumps. It eliminates the need to use tanks pressurised with inert gas.

It is suitable for use with low-viscosity fluids. Digital communications can be RS232 or Profibus-DP, DeviceNet or FLOW-BUS. Standard pumps are available from 50g/h-500g/h.

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