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USP and EP white oils

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ANGLOMOIL white oils are highly processed paraffinic mineral oils that have been refined to a very high level of purity.

White oils are chemically and biological stable and do not support bacterial growth. Their inert nature makes them easy to work with – for instance their smooth lubrication and ability to hold moisture in formulations.

AnglomOil white oil is United States Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia (USP and EP) designated.

The oils have very high levels of purity and are very oxidation stable. They are therefore ideal for use as a food grade lubricant or processing aid.

USP and EP white oils have many applications and are used in pharmaceutical preparations (processing aids, intestinal lubricants), food additives (release agents, binders, flotation sealants, defoamants, protective coatings), food packaging and processing (food grade lubricants for moving machine parts) and animal feed products.

White oils are also used in the chemical and plastics industry (processing media, extenders and plasticisers).

White oils can be found in facial creams and cleansers as well as in certain hair products such as conditioners.

In textile applications, white oils are used in fibre formulations to reduce abrasion between strands during processing and weaving.

AnglomOil white oils meet the purity requirements of all International Pharmacopoeias as well as the requirements of the food industry in various countries, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA § 172.878) and Lebensmittelgesetzt.

AnglomOil white oil is approved by AQIS for use as a Food Grade Lubricant Type A in meat exporting establishments in Australia.

It is available in viscosity grades ISO 15, 32 and 68.

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