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Transmission LS gear oils now available from Anglo Design

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Anglo Design now supplies a range of Transmission LS gear oils, high performance, extreme pressure oils that contain friction modifiers for use in limited slip differentials.

Designed to provide effective lubrication and eliminate chatter and squawk from the friction clutches, and to extend the life of these units, Transmission LS gear oils are suitable for most car and truck limited slip differentials, particularly those that feature a cone clutch design.

They provide extra thermal stability and corrosion inhibition when used in extreme pressure systems, assisting in limiting the corrosion of copper containing bearings and bushings.

High performance additives used in Transmission LS gear oils ensure that gear life is extended, controlling gear tooth wear even under harsh conditions, while effective anti-foam agents prevent ineffective gear lubrication and premature wear associated with the natural development of foam in transmission service.

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