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Transmission 90 mineral gear oil from Anglo Design

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Trans 90 GL-1, available from Anglo Design , is a ‘straight’ mineral gear oil containing anti-oxidation and anti-wear additives for high temperature operation. It does not contain extreme pressure additives.

Transmission 90 mineral gear oil is available for use in Fuller Roadranger gearboxes, Eaton, Spicer, Fiat, Rockwell and Volvo, or wherever a non E.P. gear oil of SAE 50 or SAE 90 viscosity is specified

Trans 90 GL-1 is a high viscosity gear oil for use in gear boxes where a non-EP oil is specified. It is specifically designed for the trucking industry where manual gearboxes such as Road Ranger, Eaton, Fuller, Rockwell and Spicer are commonly fitted.

Trans 90 GL-1 mineral gear oil contains anti-wear, anti-foam, oxidation, corrosion and rust inhibiting additives. These are harmless to copper or soft alloy bearing materials which are often used in these types of gearboxes.

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