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Transaxle Oil 80W-90 GL-5 MT-1 from Anglo Design

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Anglomoil Transaxle Oil 80W-90 is available in 200 litre and 20 litre containers. It is available from Anglo Design .

Automotive extreme pressure gear oils improved in the 1960s with the introduction of sulphur/phosphorus chemical additives. These new formulations provided improvements in wear performance and longer life. They are still widely used today.

However, continuing engineering developments and demands for higher performance have created a need for more advances in transaxle oil, particularly in terms of oxidation stability.

Increased power, combined with higher operating speeds and aerodynamic improvements, have increased operating temperatures in transmission components.

This, in turn, reduces oil life and creates sludges and deposits in transmission housings and on components. Anglomoil Transaxle Oil provides excellent resistance to oxidation. It helps reduce deposits and gear wear; and it extends transmissions’ life.

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