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SAE 80W90 & 85W140 Transmission EP Gear Oils

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SAE 80W90 & 85W140 Transmission EP Gear Oils are a range of extreme pressure multipurpose gear oils, from Anglo Design . They are available in differing viscosity grades and they are designed for service in differentials, gear boxes and steering gears which need a hypoid or extreme pressure lubricant.

AnglomOil Transmission EP gear oils provide:

Extra thermal stability: The high oxidation stability avoids the high temperature degradation problems of 'coked' transmission synchroniser rings and obstructed oil ways which reduce the flow of oil to gears and bearings.

Corrosion Protection: Protection is afforded by Transmission EP Gear Oil to copper alloys under both wet and dry conditions. There is no interaction between these metals and the special additives used in Transmission EP Gear Oils.

Anti-Foam: The natural development of foam in transmission service is highly undesirable because it promotes ineffective gear lubrication and premature wear. Transmission EP Gear Oil contains effective antifoam agents.

Improved Oil Seal life: Premature oil seal failures due to high temperature are avoided, thanks to the thermal stability of Transmission EP Gear Oils. Without this protection, oil decomposition occurs and sludge and carbon can build up in the seal area. The oil temperature at the seal under lip can be 20 - 30° higher than the bulk oil temperature, causing catastrophic failure of the seal and eventually the gear unit.

Gear Life: Transmission EP Gear Oils provide long term durability and excellent protection against pitting fatigue which is the ultimate cause of failure of most gears. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) recognise that lubricant protection against pitting is a very desirable property for long transmission life. Field tests, laboratory spalling tests and Power Divider Snap tests confirm the ability of Transmission EP Gear Oil to extend gear life.

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