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ANGLOMOIL has worked with Pro-lon PTFE Victoria to develop a range of superior performance industrial lubricants using PTFE technology.

PTFE works well in a wide range of seal materials and reduces mechanical noise in many applications. It is highly suited to robotic lubrication.

Robotic-00 robot grease combines a calcium sulphonate base with PTFE. Calcium sulphonate greases behave differently to standard greases. Calcium sulphonate is broken down and provides an increase in the lubricating film thickness, greater than that of the base oil alone.

Calcium sulphonate platelets can bond horizontally to metal surfaces, forming a fish scale-like coating. This provides ample shear planes, which provide load carrying protection. This combined with friction-reducing PTFE gives Robotic-00 grease many advantages over products currently in use in robotic applications.

Robotic-00 robot grease products were extensively trialed by robot manufacturers and robot service companies.

Robotic-00 was found to provide outstanding wear reduction, a smoother operation and high temperature tolerance. Also, the operation was quieter, improving the work environment.

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