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Roadmaster GEO 550 synthetic engine oil

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Anglomoil Roadmaster GEO 550, from Anglo Design is an Ultra High performance synthetic passenger car engine oil blended to light diesel and petrol engine lubricant specifications.

It is available in a SAE 5W/40 viscosity grade and it offers fuel efficiency, easy starting due to its low viscosity and improved frictional characteristics.

Roadmaster GEO 550 engine oil has excellent shear stability. As such, it will stay in grade throughout the recommended oil drain period. It uses synthetic base stocks for better oxidation stability and providing lower oil volatility minimising engine oil usage.

Roadmaster GEO 550 is recommended for:

  • Turbo-charged and intercooled direct injection high performance diesel engines fitted with blowby recirculation and exhaust
  • Fuel-injected petrol engines fitted with emissions control technology and catalytic converters

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