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Roadmaster 400 CF/CI-4 engine oil from Anglo Design

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Anglomoil Roadmaster400 engine oil from Anglo Design has been completely reformulated to take advantage of the latest advances in additive chemistry. Using the same base chemistry as Roadmaster 300, the new formulation is boosted to provide a higher TBN and more stable viscosity over extended oil drain periods. Roadmaster400 is a genuine “heavy duty” modern engine oil meeting current global standards.

Anglomoil Roadmaster400 is specifically formulated to protect EPA 2002 compliant Heavy Duty Diesel Engines utilizing exhaust gas recirculation. It provides excellent dispersancy and wear protection as well as excellent control against corrosive wear in highly acidic crankcase environments.

Roadmaster400 was developed originally to meet the Super High Performance Diesel (SHPD) category demanded by European engine manufacturers for long drain service.

In this category, high ash oils possessing high detergency, high alkalinity (high TBN) and long term stability are essential. These same characteristics are also highly beneficial to Japanese diesel engines, and so, Roadmaster 400 for many years provided the ideal lubricant for European and Japanese high performance diesels.

In recent years, European, Japanese and American lubricant standards have set similar goals, and as a result, drawing closer together. In a landmark decision in 2001, the highest performance standards of all three manufacturing groups were combined into one international standard, DHD-1.

Anglomoil Roadmaster 300, from which Roadmaster 400 engine oil was developed, was amongst the first in the Australasian market to provide DHD-1 and offer a simplified solution for operators of mixed fleets.

Steady developments in engine technology plus stringent anti-pollution measures place an increasing load on the engine oil. Carbon formation, especially on the top piston, causes bore polishing and ring sticking, leading to high oil consumption and engine failure.

At the same time, the anti-pollution controls which are now in force in most developed countries, have accelerated the development of advanced chemistry resulting in new additive technology. The new materials now available produce lubricants which are highly detergent and also highly dispersant.

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