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Roadmaster 200 API SL & SJ, CF engine oil from Anglo Design

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Amglomoil Roadmaster 200 engine oil is available in SAE 30, SAE 50 and SAE 15W/40 viscosity grades. It meets the API SL/CF and ACEA performance specifications.

Anglomoil Roadmaster 200 engine oil, available from Anglo Design , is suitable for most passenger cars, commercial vehicles and light diesel vehicles. It is also suitable for LPG fuelled engines. This engine oil meets the requirements of all current production motor vehicles, including multi-valve and turbo-charged models.

All vehicles sold in Australia since 1985 are fitted with catalytic converters to clean up the exhaust gases and minimise pollution. The phosphorus content of Roadmaster 200 engine oil is controlled to ensure that it does not poison the catalyst.

Anglomoil Roadmaster 200 is blended from high quality base oils fortified with a balanced additive package to provide a high level of engine protection against engine sludge, varnish deposits and wear.

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