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RoadMaster 500 API SM engine oil from Anglo Design

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Anglomoil Roadmaster 500 from Anglo Design is an ultra high performance synthetic passenger car engine oil.

Anglomoil Roadmaster 500 is catalyst compatible and can be used in today's modern vehicles fitted with catalytic converters, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Three Way Catalyst (TWC).

Anglomoil Roadmaster 500 provides improved soot dispersancy and soot related wear protection, improved oxidative stability and deposit performance as well as excellent piston deposit control.

Anglomoil Roadmaster 500 meets the major performance criteria of API SM/CF, ACEA A5 B5/C3, Mercedes Benz 229.51, Porsche, BMW Longlife—2004 and Volkswagen VW 50200,50500,50501.

Lubrication problems for passenger car engines fall primarily into the following areas:

  • Low temperature or light duty operation.
  • High temperature oxidation.
  • Passenger car engines deliver high horsepower in relation to the size and weight of engine components.
  • The use of air pollution control devices such as positive crankcase ventilation and exhaust gas recirculation can increase the heat stress on oil and increase the amount of contaminants in the oil.
All these lubrication problems can be reduced or even eliminated by using high-quality engine oils such as Anglomoil Roadmaster 500 and changing it regularly.

Anglomoil Roadmaster 500 is recommended for high performance petrol, light diesel and rotary engines, including turbo charged and supercharged configurations.

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