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Multi-grade hydraulic oils

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VISCOSITY is one of the most important criterion in the selection of a hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic oil viscosity is closely related to hydraulic efficiency and hydraulic oils must operate within a narrow viscosity range.

Oils thin when hot and thicken when cold. If viscosity is too high, machines will operate sluggishly, there will be a poor oil flow to lubricated areas and low mechanical efficiency. If a hydraulic oil loses viscosity, high wear, reduced equipment life and reduced productivity follow.

Multi-grade hydraulic fluids meet this challenge and are recommended for equipment where the operating temperatures can vary widely. Multi-grade hydraulic fluid can enable greater pumping efficiency at varying temperatures.

Hydraulic pump wear is highest when a high load and low oil viscosity combine. AnglomOil Hydraulic-T is offered by Anglo Design Pty Ltd and has been formulated with anti-wear additives supplimented with PTFE.

PTFE belongs to the fluoropolymer family. PTFE has a very low coefficient of friction and powerful bonds, which provide resistance to fracture and high thermal stability.

PTFE is effective at extremes of high and low temperatures and is ideal in hydraulic systems subjected to load and heat.

AnglomOil Hydraulic-T is a highly shear-stable multi-grade hydraulic oil with high anti-wear properties boosted by friction reducing PTFE.

AnglomOil Hydraulic-T is suitable for use in general manufacturing, steel mills, paper mills, diecasting, industrial robotics and agricultural equipment.

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