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Importance of food grade lubricants

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THE use of food grade lubricants in food manufacturing or handling operations is necessary from both a legislative and ethical viewpoint. AnglomOil manufactures a range of NSF registered food grade lubricants right here in Australia, through Anglo Design Pty Ltd.

The ANZ Food Standards Code (which is given legal force via Australian and New Zealand food legislation) demands food businesses take all necessary steps to prevent the likelihood of food being contaminated (Standards 3.2.2, Section 7). This includes contamination by non food grade lubricants.

Standard lubricants are mixes of base oils and chemical additives, many of which could harm human health if ingested. Food grade lubricants are manufactured for use in food manufacturing and use additive types that are more benign.

One common objection to using food grade lubricants is cost. A good food grade lubricant will use a synthetic base oil such as PAO, which offers a long oil life.

Even though a synthetic food grade lubricant costs more, its longer life means that it could actually be cheaper than a standard lubricant in the long run.

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