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HYDROELASTIC Suspension, an effective form of active suspension, was developed in the 1960s by British Leyland. AnglomOil manufactured and supplied Hydroelastic Suspension Fluid for OEMs during their Australian manufacturing years. AnglomOil’s Hydroelastic Suspension Fluid is available from Anglo Design Pty Ltd .

With British Leyland’s system, structural oscillations are regulated by controlling the Hydroelastic Suspension Fluid in the suspension circuit and the fluid provides the interconnection between the front and rear suspension units. Various Hydroelastic Suspension Fluids were tried by Leyland. These included water rejected when it's at a comparatively high freezing point, which was found to be troublesome.

Finally, a suitable semi-synthetic Hydroelastic Suspension Fluid was developed, which met the requirements of low-foam, compatibility with rubber seal material and high stability over a range of temperatures.

AnglomOil’s Hydroelastic Suspension Fluid is a semi-synthetic heavy-duty blend designed originally for the BMC ‘floats on fluid’ suspension.

Features include:

* Ideal viscosity, viscosity index and pour point

* Ideal film strength for reducing friction and minimising wear

* Oxidative stability and protection against rust and corrosion

* Synthetic enhanced lubricity and performance over a wide temperature range

* Excellent low-temperature properties

* Resistance to thermal degradation and to the formation of sludge and varnish.

AnglomOil is the Sydney based manufacturer of a range of lubricants covering automotive, industrial and marine applications.

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