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Full synthetic polymer blended compressor and vacuum pump oils from Anglo Designs

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Pro-lon P.T.F.E. has developed 100% full synthetic polymer blended compressor and vacuum pump oils that will provide instant returns in lower operating cost and extended equipment life. In the home, the simple step of changing to energy saving light bulbs can make a noticeable difference, while the simple solution open to industry is switching to energy saving lubricants.

As an example, all process industries that convert raw materials into useable goods require a huge amount of electricity to power machinery and equipment. For any machine to move, energy has to be provided to overcome friction. Minimising the amount of energy lost to friction can increase a company’s profitability by reducing the amount of power consumed. Lubricants are designed to reduce friction, but some lubricants perform this task better than others.

Industry is still yet to realise the full energy saving benefits of enhanced polymer technology, perhaps, because synthetic lubricants are deemed expensive compared to outdated mineral oils. Justification for increased expenditure on lubricants can be difficult as lubricants are often viewed as maintenance cost, while energy is seen as an operating cost. Some forward thinking companies though are now starting to appreciate the link between the two and by introducing a full synthetic polymer blended lubricant are starting to affect their operating costs in a beneficial manner.

By utilising new blending technologies and synthetic polymers, Pro-lon P.T.F.E. can now deliver unparallel results to existing equipment.

Besides reductions in energy consumption there is another major benefit being noticed in particular by companies in Queensland and the Northern states where the oil temperatures would often cause shut down, now we have companies reporting drops of 10-12º C and no further shut downs experienced, beneficial for seals and general equipment well being.

Better Screw sealing with this new technology has had companies reporting more efficient air delivery with quicker recharge times.

A noticeable drop in equipment noise levels is appreciated where compressors are installed near work area’s, a 6 db drop was reported by two Melbourne companies within days of servicing, while a Queensland company noted 5-7 db drops in 6 compressors they run.

Being a true 8000hr full synthetic polymer oil there are significant savings to be had by fewer oil changes which means environmental gains and lower servicing costs, companies claim this oil pays for itself quickly. 

Full synthetic polymer blended compressor and vacuum pump oils are available from Anglo Designs.

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