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FOUR-stroke outboard engines work much like automotive engines in that they are lubricated by a circulating multi-viscosity oil and require oil changes after a certain period of time.

Four stroke outboard engines often have long periods of idle, and in cooler water the oil can accumulate enough fuel which then dilutes the viscosity which may lead to excess wear.

"Automotive additive packages in API SJ oils, which is the category currently recommended for most of today's marine four stroke engines, can handle the oil dilution issue. But with the looming possibility of substantial reductions in the percentage of ZDDP in future automotive engine oil categories, marine applications may be placed at risk,” Don Schultze, NMMA, said.

This has lead to the development of the specification of the first Marine Four Stroke Outboard Oil.

SeaMaster 4-C Four Stroke Outboard Oil

AnglomOils SeaMaster 4 -C Four-Stroke Outboard Oil has been formulated to withstand the harsh operating conditions faced by modern outboard motors.

Manufactured from the highest quality base oil and the most advanced additive package, 4 -C Four-Stroke Outboard Oil provides the ultimate in protection and performance, keeping friction, heat and wear to an absolute minimum, while preventing problems such as oil dilution and rust.

Available from Anglo Design, SeaMaster 4 -C Four-Stroke Outboard Oil has been tested against:

•Rust – ASTM B117/Mercury Marine Version. This test is run for 24 hours @ 100°C and uses a salt-fog procedure, the SeaMaster 4 -C Four-Stroke Outboard Oil package provided better or equal protection than the standard. •No-Harm Test – Yamaha 115 hp Engine. The the SeaMaster 4 -C Four-Stroke Outboard Oil package was tested is to evaluate engine performance and durability including wear protection and deposit control on components.

SeaMaster 4 -C Four-Stroke Outboard Oil available from Marine stockists, more information from info@anglomoil.com, or from Anglo Design P/L .

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