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Diesel and petrol engine lubricant Roadmaster 600 from Anglo Design

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Anglomoil, a division of Anglo Design , has reformulated a lubricant, Roadmaster 600, in synthetic base oils and advanced chemistry. The Roadmaster 600 has been specifically formulated to meet the requirements of EPA 2007 compliant diesel engines equipped with after treatment devices such as diesel oxidation catalysts and particulate filters. This lubricant meets the severe international specifications for diesel and petrol engine lubricants.


Engine oil specifications are largely driven by exhaust emission legislation which have forced changes to engine design. These changes impose more severe operating conditions on the lubricating oil such as:

  • Higher operating temperatures
  • Exhaust gas re-circulation
  • Increased carbon deposits

International bodies in America, Europe and Japan constantly review these standards, whilst at the same time, the automotive and petroleum industries devise new lubricant standards to meet the increasingly tough operating conditions.

Currently, the most severe standards for diesel engine lubricants are:

  • USA: API CJ-4
  • Japan: JASO DH-2
  • Europe: ACEA E7

The prime purpose of CJ-4 is to meet the demands of engines modified to meet the latest US emission standards. This standard cannot be enforced outside of the US, but nevertheless, it does offer extra performance advantages over CI-4 and CI-4 Plus, such as:

  • Lower oil consumption
  • Improved bearing protection
  • Better soot control
  • Reduced piston deposits
  • Typical characteristics of the Roadmaster 600 are:
  • Sulphated ash 0.97%
  • Total base number 8.3

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