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DW Fluid available from Anglo Design

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DW Fluid, available from Anglo Design , is a solvent based corrosion preventive with good moisture displacement properties.

Following are the features of the DW Fluid:

  • Penetrates to free rusted, frozen or stuck parts
  • Protects metal surfaces from moisture and corrosive elements by forming a protective barrier
  • Displaces moisture leaving a protective coating to prevent further short term moisture ingress
  • Rapid evaporation of the solvent to deposit an even preventative film
  • Leaves a thin protective coating for protection in storage and transportation
  • Fingerprint suppression
  • Resists contamination from both acidic and alkali sources
  • Has a low aromatic content.

The DW Fluid can be applied by brush, spray or dipping. The preferential application process is dipping. The DW Fluid has good penetrating properties and advantage can be made of its light lubricant properties.

The DW Fluid rapidly displaces water from metal parts that have been through a process involving the use of water or water based products such as machining with soluble oils, semi synthetic or synthetic cutting fluids, electroplating, and/or the final rinsing process. The DW Fluid leaves a thin coating on the parts for corrosion and water protection while in storage or transportation.

Following are typical characteristics of the DW Fluid:

  • Density at 20°C: 0.754
  • Appearance: Light amber to brown
  • Flash Point by PMCC: 67°C
  • Film appearance and consistency: Thin with slightly greasy feel
  • Corrosion Protection – indoor: 9 months
  • Corrosion Protection – outdoor: 3 months

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