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Anglomoil Roadmaster 100 Engine Oil from Anglo Design

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Anglomoil Roadmaster 100 15W-40 available from Anglo Design is a multipurpose petrol and diesel engine oil formulated to meet SJ and CF-4 performance specifications.  

Suitable for high speed, 4-stroke diesel engines, Roadmaster 100 engine oil provides excellent control of oil consumption and piston deposits.  

The diesel engine oils are suitable for early model on-highway heavy duty trucks as well as gasoline and diesel-powered light duty trucks and passenger cars when recommended by the manufacturer.  

Recognising the problems that some oils can cause in the wet clutch, JASO (Japan Automobile Standards Organisation) released a new specification in 1999, which for the first time defined performance standards for 4-stroke motorcycle oils.  

Entitled JASO T903, it comprises of three separate tests to measure the friction characteristics of engine oils. Oils that meet the highest friction requirements are classified as ‘MA’ and lower friction oils are ‘MB’.  

Roadmaster 100 15W-40 meets API CF-4, SJ and JASO MA performance standards, a combination which identifies it as a very useful, all round lubricant for older vehicles and a superior quality oil for motorcycle use.  

Roadmaster 100 15W-40 meets or exceeds the requirements of all leading manufacturers of 4-stroke motorcycles including Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.  

While European motorcycles that are generally fitted with dry clutches do not need high friction characteristics, Roadmaster 100 15W-40 engine oil is highly suitable for BMW and Ducatti models.

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