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Anglomoil Multitrac transmission/hydraulic oil from Anglo Design

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Earthmoving equipment and farm tractors have developed into mobile processing plants, capable of performing multiple tasks.

Modern automotive machines are fitted with semi automatic transmissions, wet brakes, power take-offs and extensive hydraulic equipment.

In many cases, machinery manufacturers have developed their own oil specifications. This makes life difficult for those who own a fleet of tractors of different makes.

Fortunately, the oil industry now develops multi-purpose tractor oils, designed to meet all or most of the main specifications. For example, Anglomoil Multitrac is the latest multipurpose transmission/hydraulic oil to be perfected for the international tractor market.

Anglomoil Multitrac transmission/hydraulic oil, available from Anglo Design , does much more than meet a single hydraulic or transmission oil specification.

The performance level achieved by Multitrac transmission/hydraulic oil meets all the major specifications of all the major tractor manufacturers.

Because of the large number of manufacturers specifications, set for various climatic zones, it is more appropriate to select the oil viscosity most suitable for the Australian climate. Based upon our experience and summarising the many needs, we have chosen a viscosity of SAE 10W 30.

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