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Anglo Design supplies Roadmaster Gear 50-S synthetic lubricants

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Roadmaster Gear 50-S synthetic lubricants from Anglo Design have been specially formulated for extended drain and severe service in heavy duty manual transmissions that require a non-EP gear or transmission lubricant.

Meeting the latest OEM specifications, including the new Eaton specification PS 164 rev. 7 for extended drain use, these lubricants are formulated from a synthetic base stock with a high viscosity index and low pour point, ensuring all-climate, year round performance.

As vital transmission parts are lubricated quickly, this also ensures the lubricants deliver easier cold weather shifting, less drag and less gear wear.

Gear 50-S synthetic lubricants contain an anti-wear additive, and rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to:

  • protect bearings and synchronizers
  • reduce component wear; and
  • promote longer transmission and lubricant life.
Since Gear50-S is highly stable when exposed to severe heat, oxidation and shear conditions, it provides strong high temperature lubrication for extended drain intervals.

These benefits all translate directly into a reduction of maintenance requirements and replacement parts cost, resulting in less machinery downtime.

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