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Anglo Design offers Cat TO-4 transmission fluids

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Anglomoil Cat TO-4 transmission fluids are now available from Anglo Design in three viscosity grades to suit the demanding requirements of a range of off-highway transmissions, wet brakes and axles.

These transmission fluids have been specifically designed to ensure longer equipment life, delivering solid power shift performance, smoother brake operation and reduced wear on gears and final drives.

The use of Cat TO-4 fluids ensures balanced friction performance, reducing excessive brake noise and the weakening of friction binders, as well as optimal wear protection for gears, bearings and friction material.

In addition, they provide strong oxidative protection and sludge control properties, assisting in the prevention of blockages in lubricating passages.

Incidences of slippage and equipment failure is also minimised by these transmission fluids, which exhibit a sheer stability to maintain their viscosity grade over the life of equipment, as well as continuous anti-wear protection and no loss of applied pressure.

Maximum foam protection properties ensure no fluid loss to foaming, even with water contamination, providing safety protection to operators against fluid overflow and fire hazards.

Well suited to provide protection in high pressure hydraulic systems, Cat TO-4 transmission fluids also meet API CF and F-2 engine performance requirements.

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