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Anglo Design announces Transmission EP gear oils

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Transmission EP gear oils, now available from Anglo Design , are a range of extreme pressure multipurpose oils which can be supplied in differing viscosity grades for service in components that require a hypoid or extreme pressure lubricant.

Designed for use in differentials, gear boxes and steering gears, these gear oils provide:

  • extra thermal stability
  • improved oil seal life
  • extended gear life
  • corrosion protection; and
  • effective anti-foam protection.
The high oxidation stability of these oils works to avoid problems associated with high temperature degradation of ‘coked’ transmission synchroniser rings and obstructed oil ways, which can lead to a reduction of oil flow to gears and bearings.

Further, the thermal stability of Transmission EP automotive gear oils prevents oil decomposition and sludge and carbon build up in the seal area. This effectively prolongs the life of oil seals.

Long term durability and solid protection against pitting fatigue assists in prolonging the life of gears when these automotive lubricants are used, with corrosion protection properties ensuring their suitability for use in both wet and dry conditions.

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