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Airline lubricants for pneumatic tools from Anglo Design

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Anglomoil airline lubricants from Anglo Design are formulated to lubricate and cool tools, and blow through without creating build-up.  

Improper airline lubrication is the primary cause for repair of pneumatic tools. Correct oil usage maximises the performance and life of pneumatic tools, which need clean, dry, lubricated air at the right compression. Failure to meet these basic requirements can result in reduced performance (speed/ torque) and shorter motor life for the tools.  

Compressed air fed into a pneumatic tool pushes the blades, causing the rotor to rotate and generate torque output. Lubrication in the air helps the blades rotate easily by reducing friction. It creates a seal within the motor chamber to maximise efficiency.  

Lubrication also plays a key role in cooling tool components as most pneumatic motor vanes or blades are made of composite materials that are susceptible to heat damage.  

Airline lubrication is often the most overlooked area in a plant’s tool maintenance program. Oil injected in the tool and reconnected to the airline lasts 3-10 minutes while the tool is running. The higher the tool’s speed, the faster the blades heat, evaporate the oil and run dry.  

Other oils can leave deposits inside the tool, on the blades, cylinder or end plates, which can accumulate over time and drag on the blades, causing the tool to work harder, produce less torque and run at a lower rpm. The build-up eventually gums up the motor and burns up the blades.  

Moist air can also damage the inside of air tools. Air supplied to air tools should be dried but is frequently not done with the result that compressed air will contain substantial amounts of water.  

Anglomoil airline lubricants contain demulsifying agents, which increase its ability to separate from water. Rust preventatives in the lubricant provide additional protection for air tools against the damaging effects of moist air.

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