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Removable inground bollard from Andian Sales

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The removable inground bollard from Andian Sales protects shop fronts and factory roll-a-doors from illegal vehicular entry.

Available in many gleaming Dulux powder coated finishes (standard yellow or white), these Andian removable bollards can also be used to prevent unwanted vehicular traffic while allowing those who have a key.

Installation is easy for these bollards. For the 90mm bollard: Core drill 200mm diameter X 300mm deep hole in your concrete or asphalt.

Place the bollard and bollard sleeve into the hole and using a post level (available from Andian or many hardware stores) ensure that the bollard post is vertically level and that the sleeve lid, when closed is level with the roadway/driveway/footpath.

Mix enough rapid set sand/cement mix to fill the void (not too sloppy or the mix will take too long to set and not too dry or it will not fill the void between the hole’s wall and the outside of the bollard sleeve).

Insert the mix carefully all around the outside of the bollard sleeve, constantly checking that no cement mix has fallen into the sleeve and that the bollard is vertically levelled.

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