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Personal breathalysers from Andatech ensures family safety

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Portable breathalysers from Andatech Corporation Pty Ltd  are as affordable as yearly cell phone calling plans and provide the peace of mind that any parent seeks when a family member is out socially with friends. A personal breathalyser can back up the message of responsible drinking by recording blood alcohol content and allowing users to call for a ride or make other arrangements.

Even if someone underage doesn’t drink, there’s no way of stopping them from getting into a car being driven by someone who has been drinking. Giving a child a portable breathalyser provides them with a solution to their concerns about whether a friend is too drunk to drive. They can be the responsible one and test the driver before getting into the car. For families with teenagers, a personal breathalyser has been shown to deter teen driving.

A personal breathalyser is just as beneficial for adults who are out on the town socially drinking or when entertaining at home. With a portable breathalyser, there’s no need to wonder whether guests are leaving your home with a blood alcohol level in the drunk driving range. With a breathalyser, homeowners limit their liability of serving alcohol to someone who is drunk.

Battery operated alcohol testers are a worthwhile accessory that won’t clash with an outfit or interfere with someone’s social life. Some breathalysers are sleek and small enough to fit in the palm of the hand or slip into a purse, pocket, or glove compartment.

For those hosting a party, a portable breathalyser can test the blood alcohol content of guests to prevent drunk driving. There are handheld breathalyser models that have the option of using a mouthpiece or blowing directly into an opening in the device. Within seconds, the fuel cell sensor in the breath test provides the blood alcohol level.

When investing in a personal breathalyser, it’s important to look for devices that provide a 99.99% accurate blood alcohol reading and have been thoroughly tested for safety, quality and accuracy by receiving certified approvals that meet or exceed government standards.

Having a portable breathalyser at the ready is an accurate way to prevent driving drunk. A personal breathalyser can provide families with security in social drinking situations.

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