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New all-in-one breathalyser, keypad and printer for workplace alcohol screening

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Andatech Corporation Pty Ltd , a leader in personal and workplace alcohol detection breathalysers, has introduce handheld breathalysers that incorporate internal memory storage, a keypad and printer within the unit. The Andatech BAC 200 is designed for law enforcement agencies and workplaces that require evidence or a printout of employee alcohol screening results.

These all-in-one handheld breathalysers are less costly than traditional breath tests, allowing more companies, agencies and businesses to bring employee alcohol screening tests onsite. By having the ability to conduct their own employee alcohol tests, employers get instant result and can take immediate action. This is particularly critical for workers in the transportation, construction, medical, healthcare and law enforcement sectors.

The Andatech BAC 200 gives employers the opportunity to test workers before starting the workday or after meal breaks if they suspect drinking. With its portability, the breath test is at the ready anytime for screening potential job applicants and to use as a random alcohol testing safety program.

Compared to the costs of contracting with an outside vendor to conduct alcohol screenings, the Andatech BAC 200 offers an inexpensive solution for bringing the service in-house. Previously, workplaces were restricted from conducting onsite testing because the cost of workplace breathalysers with printer combinations was out of their reach. The Andatech BAC 200 addresses those concerns with its all-in-one design that features internal memory storage for saving up to 2000 breath test results, built-in keyboard for data entry and built-in thermal printer function for printing test results. All the technologically advanced features of the Andatech BAC 200 are at an affordable price that is about $1,800 less than the traditional workplace models.

The Andatech BAC 200 is a law enforcement grade handheld breathalyser that is already in use for alchohol screening in many police departments and safety agencies around the world, including the United States, Russia, China, Mexico, India and Poland. Because of its high quality fuel cell sensor technology, the Andatech BAC 200 handheld breathalysers provide accurate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading possible. That’s because a fuel cell is extremely sensitive to alcohol and will not respond to acetone or any other breath substances resembling alcohol. For that reason, the Andatech BAC 200 meets evidential requirements by police or safety inspectors and meets the needs of professional and industrial workplaces.

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