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Ionic Air Purifier and Ultrasonic humidifiers from Andatech

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Ionic Air Purifier from Andatech comes with ultra violet germicidal protection. The ionic air purifier provides clean air through emission of negative ions and generates lots of negative ions which keeps the the indoor air clean and safe.

This electrostatic ionic air purifier traps all the air borne particles on to stainless steel dust collection blades which extend out for easy cleaning. These ionic air purifiers are built with ultra violet lights which kill all the micro organisms present.

The UV light decreases the exposure towards air borne infections. The air purifier can be operated with the help of a power control and the air circulates electronically without motor and a fan.

Ionic air purifier from Andatech traps contaminants and airborne allergens; it is energy efficient, can cover an area up to 800 square feet and it generate negative ions. The filters do not require any replacement and they help in eliminating common household odours as well. Ionmax ION388 is ideal for continuous use in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, entertainment rooms and home office.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are suitable for use in indoor air conditioning unit and it helps in maintaining the humidity level. Ultrasonic humidifier comes with an adjustable mist volume for different humidities. The three litre water capacity offers non stop operation withstanding 10-45 hours of operation.

These ultrasonic humidifiers come with a heavy duty transducer and have an auto stop mechanism which enhances safety and efficiency. The transducer saves energy and is also user friendly.

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