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Breathalysers becoming part of the club and bar scene

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Patrons have always put money in the jukebox, the mechanical bull, or a pool table at their favorite drinking spot. Now they can put money in breathalyser machines to test their blood alcohol level after having a few alcoholic drinks. Many bars, pubs, clubs and entertainment venues that serve liquor are getting involved in alcohol safety by installing coin operated breathalysers.

As drunk driving accidents and deaths continue to occur despite the ramifications of drunk driving laws, many drinking establishments are taking a more proactive approach to keeping their patrons safe on the road.

Although bartenders are trained to recognize when a patron has had too much to drink, an onsite breathalyser supports their decision. When customers actually see their blood alcohol concentration (BAC), they are less likely to get into their car and drive.

A coin operated breathalyser machine also helps bridge issues that blocked previously proposed drunk driving prevention efforts from gaining approval from establishments that serve alcohol. Advocates for alcohol prevention found it difficult to enact any measure that would restrict people from drinking, thus impacting a venue owner’s bottom line. They were also faced with opposition from civil right activists who raised issues of stifling personal freedom and individual rights.

A coin operated breathalyzer from Andatech Corporation Pty Ltd  provides an agreeable medium by affording the owner of the establishment to earn additional revenue by promoting responsible drinking. It is a worthy compromise in presenting breathalysers as an entertaining safety device.

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