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Andatech Work Force from Andatech Corporation

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Andatech Corporation  is a pioneer in the development of breath alcohol testers or breathalysers in the consumer market.  

Andatech Work Force is a workplace breathalyser designed to screen employees before entering the workplace.  

As industries realise the direct and indirect costs associated with alcohol in the workplace, testing employees before work will bring to light any residual alcohol from the night before. This will help to minimise if not prevent employees from using forklifts, trucks or machinery under the effects of alcohol.  

Designed to endure the rigours of high use in less than ideal conditions, the Andatech Work Force is a device that measures alcohol content in a person’s breath and provides a fast as well as accurate quantitative conversion of breath alcohol content to the equivalent blood alcohol content (BAC).  

Andatech Work Force breathalysers can also print out the reading immediately if the optional printer is attached.

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