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Andatech Precision portable workplace breathalysers available from Andatech Corporation

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Worldwide polls show that 1 in 10 people show up for work drunk and in most cases, employers have no way of verifying it. It is a concerning problem for workplaces where employees drive planes, trains and other vehicles, perform intricate job tasks, or  liable for the well-being of others, such as medical personnel and teachers. With the development and affordability of workplace breathalysers, it makes sense to have employee alcohol testing devices on the worksite for pre-employment screenings and random employee alcohol testing.

There are numerous models of portable workplace breathalysers on the market today that can perform alcohol tests. In terms of accuracy, the Andatech Precision proved to have the highest rate of accuracy, giving blood alcohol content (BAC) reading within 0.005% each time. The preciseness of the BAC reading is equal to breathalysers used by law enforcement agencies. The device has also received the Australian Standard AS3547.

Fuel cell technology was the key factor in obtaining accuracy because these types of breathalysers are sensitive to ethyl alcohol and can distinguish between acetone and other breath substances. The alcohol monitoring device is also equipped with advanced SONIX micro controller technology for accurate readings all the time.

When evaluating ease of use, it was determined that workplace breathalysers with mouthpieces required extra work in having to sanitise them between tests. Breathalysers where the employee could speak into or breathe through a slot were easier to use in a workplace setting. The Andatech Precision met these requirements and was given additional high marks for being portable and lightweight.

In conducting the blood alcohol test, workplace breathalysers that utilised digital technology were the easiest to use and the fastest. Andatech Precision hand-held device have a bright blue LED display for reading BAC test results.

The breathalyser should be affordable for workplace settings, such as airlines, hospitals, schools, police departments, construction firms and transportation agencies. While it is difficult to put a price on workplace safety, a breathalyser priced no higher than $500 would be a reasonable investment for businesses. Considering the features of the Andatech Precision, it came in under $500 and would pay for itself after a few uses.

As employers are responsible for their workers on the job site, investing in a workplace breathalyser provides added security in reducing their liabilities. Technology now makes it possible for the development of accurate breathalysers that are portable and conducive to all types of workplace settings. The key factor is to know which workplace breathalyser can accurately detect alcohol.

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