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Andatech Corporation launch alcohol safety campaign with Andatech AL9000 portable breathalysers

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Andatech Corporation  have launched an alcohol safety campaign that encourages parents to equip family members with personal breathalysers. The Andatech AL9000 is less expensive to own and operate. The Andatech AL9000 is sleek and small enough to fit in the palm of a hand or slip into a purse, pocket or glove compartment.

The Andatech AL9000 is equipped with fuel cell technology, an advanced and accurate method for determining a person’s blood alcohol concentration. The Andatech AL9000 is battery operated, making it convenient to use anywhere.

A portable breathalyser sends a message of responsible drinking. Within 10 seconds of blowing into it, the breath test device registers a person’s blood alcohol content so that the user will instantly know when it is time to stop drinking and when not to drive.

The Andatech AL9000 is suitable for all drinking situations. Giving a child a portable breathalyser removes any peer pressure of getting into a car with someone they suspect is drunk. The instant breath test can deter teen drunk driving and stop a child from being a passenger in a car where the driver is drunk.

For adults socialising on the town or entertaining at home, the Andatech AL9000 can be used to ensure that guests leave sober. A portable breathalyser can also ease a homeowner’s liability concerns during a home party by providing cause for no longer serving alcohol to someone who is drunk.

The Andatech AL9000 is easy to use by all family members, regardless of their age. The user blows into the mouthpiece or opening in the device to receive their BAC reading. The Andatech AL9000 has been tested for accuracy and meets DOT standards.

Drunk driving is preventable if drivers are aware of their blood alcohol content before they get behind the wheel. Since alcohol clouds a person’s judgment, the Andatech AL9000 makes the decision to drive a clear one. Families can take a proactive stance against drunk driving with a personal breathalyser.

Andatech Corporation developed the breathalyser devices for personal, workplace and law enforcement use.

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