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Andatech Corporation discuss selection of right breathalysers

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According to Andatech Corporation , the amount of alcohol in the drink, eating before drinking or while drinking and the body weight are factors for determining whether a person has drank too much and considered legally intoxicated.

A portable breathalyser gives an accurate BAC test determination on whether a person is drunk and can prevent him/her from binge drinking or driving drunk. Having a personal breathalyser is the socially responsible thing to do. There are different types of handheld, portable breathalysers.

Portable breathalysers are generally easy to operate. They are small enough to fit into a pocket, glove compartment, or purse. They operate on batteries and provide blood alcohol content reading in 10 seconds. Similar to a police breathalyser, users need to insert a mouth piece into their personal breathalyser, put their mouth to it and blow air into the opening until the device stops beeping. Their BAC reading appears momentarily.

The key component to any breathalyser is accuracy. The alcohol detection sensor needs to be as accurate as a police breathalyser device. The users need to look for handheld breathalysers that have been certified as passing quality assurance tests such as the Australian Standard AS3547, which certifies only those products that meet strict requirements.

Readability is an important feature in a portable breathalyser as most drinking occurs at night and most drinking venues are dark. BAC results must be visible clearly in order to determine whether a person is within the legal limit for blood alcohol content. The users should choose a handheld breathalyser with a LED display that brightly displays their breath test results.

The sensor used to detect alcohol should be well-built, so it can be used many times and still provide accurate readings. The users need to look for a portable breathalyser that is CE approved, FDA approved and DOT approved. Government agencies set strict all-around quality standards for design, accuracy and quality components.

Some personal breathalysers operate in dual-mode, allowing them to be shared between multiple people to test for the presence of alcohol. This is beneficial when drinking with a group of friends to determine who is capable of safe driving.

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