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Andatech AL6000 Pro for fast and accurate breath test

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Andatech Corporation  have introduced an affordable portable breathalyser aimed at reducing binge drinking and drunk driving incidents. The Andatech AL6000 Pro ensures an accurate breath test each and every time.

The Andatech AL6000 Pro is the first personal handheld semiconductor breathalyser to undergone rigorous testing for quality and accuracy and to earn the Australian Standard AS3547 certification. The alcohol testing device has also received FDA, CE and DOT approval for personal, workplace and law enforcement use.

The Andatech AL6000 Pro is recognised as having the highest accuracy rate with a 99.99% BAC accuracy. The battery operated portable device has a response time of five seconds, one of the fastest in the industry. With its lightweight design, the Andatech AL6000 Pro can conveniently fit into a purse, glove compartment, or pocket, making it conducive to bring along to any social setting.

The Andatech AL6000 Pro is easy-to-use by inserting a mouthpiece into the personal breathalyser and blowing into the opening until the device stops beeping. The BAC reading appears within seconds. The Andatech AL6000 Pro is built with a bright LED display for easy reading in all lighting conditions, including dimly lit places or during nighttime hours.

The normal alcohol tester mode measures blood alcohol concentration, while the detector mode can be shared among more than one person to test the presence of alcohol. This feature is especially useful during a night out among a group of friends to determine who is capable of safe driving. With responsible drinking on everyone’s mind, the Andatech AL6000 Pro is designed to save lives by preventing drunk driving accidents and reducing the dangers of social drinking.

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