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Andatech AL6000 Pro Breathalyser from Andatech Corporation

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Andatech Corporation  is a supplier of superior quality breathalysers in the Australian market for personal applications as well as commercial and industrial workplaces.

Comcare Australia states that due to consumption of alcohol before, during or after work ‘employers are faced with lateness and absenteeism, lost time and production from accidents, inefficiency, and damage to plant, equipment and other property’.

Andatech AL6000 Pro breathalyser is a portable breathalyser that is designed to ensure that employees don’t run the risk of being under the influence of alcohol at work.

Tested and certified to Australian Standard AS3547, these alcohol detection breathalysers are accurate and cost-effective. 

Andatech AL6000 Pro breathalyser feature dual testing modes and can be operated in two modes: the normal mode is used to measure specific blood alcohol concentration while the detector mode is used as an alcohol responder to quickly screen employees and test for the presence of alcohol.

Andatech AL6000 Pro breathalyser is one of the most efficient methods for testing employees and staff prior to and during working hours for alcohol levels.

Key features of these breathalysers include:

  • Personal handheld semiconductor device
  • FDA, CE and DOT approved for personal, workplace and law enforcement use
  • High accuracy rate at 99.99% BAC accuracy
  • Battery-operated portable breathalyser device
  • Fast response time of 5 seconds
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Bright LED display for easy reading

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