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Anchorpile steel screw piles from Anchorpile

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Anchorpile  is specialist in offering screw pile solutions for commercial and domestic slab foundations. The screw pile technology from Anchorpile suits unstable and reactive ground conditions which are commonly encountered in South Australia.

Anchorpile screw pilling systems has overcome expensive and out dated traditional foundation methods and also satisfies all international and local building code requirements. Anchorpile provides possible practice and solutions by working closely along with its clients.

On site variation costs is minimised by using Anchorpile steel screw piles and these are made according to AS2159 standards. It can be used to perform both tension and compression effect. The Anchorpile steel screw piles are available in various lengths ranging from single to segmented lengths for quick installation with a load capacity of 2400kN Ult load.

Anchorpile steel screw piles are free from vibrations during installation and it also eliminates other problems associated with wet and soft collapsing soils. Anchorpile steel screw piles are made from high tensile steel materials and the pile components are made according to QM methods.

Anchorpile steel screw piles are ideal for regions with high water tables and where there is a collapsing of soft materials. These piles can be used immediately by welding or by tying them on to the columns and beams. Various ground work and slab preparation are also carried out by Anchorpile.

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