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Tool making and injection moulding products from Anchor Plastics

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Anchor Plastics , an Australian owned company is involved in supplying toolmaking, injection moulding thermoplastic products and also offers design services to local industries.

Anchor Plastics makes wide range of engineering thermoplastic products including ABS, nylons, acrylic, polycarbonate, polyurethane and a range of reinforced materials. The tool room utilizes the recent CNC machine centre and CAD or CAM technology. These systems help in manufacturing new tooling equipment.

Anchor Plastics has extended its services to various companies including 3M Australia, Loctite, BTR Engineering, Australian Defence Industries, Nestle and so on.

Anchor Plastics supplies various products such as jars ranging from 100ml to 185 ml capacities and the sizes of jars varies from 62x50mm to 58x78mm. The vials supplied come in 4 Dram to 25 Dram and the size of vials varies from 21x53mm to 41x84mm.

The test tubes supplied is 4ml in capacity and the size of test tube is 10x72 mm. Tumblers from Anchor Plastics comes in 170mL to 170mL along with 250mL graduated and 300mL mixing tumbler. Other products include screw caps, measures and resistant caps.

Injection moulding products from Anchor Plastics come with capacity ranging from 22 to 530 tonnes utilising the recent tiebarless and microprocessor technology. Anchor Plastics offers service to customers by operating 16 injection moulding machines.

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