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Float switches and liquid level alarm systems from Anadex Labs

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Anadex Labs  offers comprehensive range of water tank gauges and control systems including float based indicators, float switches, float control switches, float pump switches, float valves and liquid level alarm systems. Float switches supplied by Anadex Labs are available in two different types including float switches for directly controlling pumps as well as float switches suited for control applications requiring low currents.

Anadex Labs provides different models of float switches. SJE AmpMaster pump switch is a mechanically activated switch that has been specifically designed for the direct control of pumps upto 1.5 HP at 125 volts of alternating current.

Anadex Labs provides different types of float control switches. SJE Cable weight offers accurate pivot point essential for suspended float switches. This comprises of gripper teeth as well as weight channel capable of securely locking the float cable into place.

Tank Alert 1 liquid level alarm system supplied by Anadex Labs is specifically suited for indoor applications and can be installed with ease. The alarm horn of this liquid level alarm system produces sound of about 86 decibels. This indoor alarm system can be used for monitoring the level of liquid in pump chambers, holding tanks as well as sump pump basins.

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