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Electronic level indicators from Anadex Labs

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Anadex Labs  specialises in providing different types of water tank gauges and control systems. These water tank gauges help to maintain water level in tank by controlling either pumps or valves. Anadex Labs provides Aquameta range of water tank gauges. These water tank gauges use differential pressure sensor that is suspended into the water tank. Anadex Labs also provides electronic level indicators.

DIT 02 digital water tank level indicator provided by Anadex Labs can be used for continuous level measurement of water in tanks as well as cisterns. This electronic level indicator has been specifically designed for tanks having height ranging from one metre upto four metres. This digital water level tanker comprises of an evaluation system having digital display in conjunction with a submersible probe. This submersible probe consists of an integrated pressure measuring cell. This can be mounted easily as well as quickly and has a simple operation. Other features include accurate measurement, display unit showing easy-to-read display as well as does not require usage of external supply voltage.

Aquameta range of products provided by Anadex Labs include analog adaptors, electronic based dual water top up systems, command modules, wireless water tank gauge kit that can be installed with ease, wireless remote control as well as underground tank junction box.

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