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Automotive level gauges and dual level float valves from Anadex Labs

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Anadex Labs  provides diverse range of water tank gauges and control systems that include automotive level gauges, dual level float valves and float based indicators. Automotive level gauges provided by Anadex Labs include RV water tank gauge kits. These water tank gauge kits are available in black as well as white colours.

RV water tank gauge kit provided by Anadex Labs comprises of level display monitor, sensor as well as cable having length of about five metres that is used for the connection of display unit and the sensor. This water tank gauge offers accurate reading of water level in the on board water tanks and has been specifically designed to be used in caravans, motor homes, boats, campers and travel trailers.

Dual level float valves provided by Anadex Labs are available in different sizes. These dual level reservoir valves have high flow rate and specifically suited for large pump fed tanks. This has the capacity of delivering flow rates of upto 650 litres at pressure of about 700 kilopascals. This dual valve provided by Anadex Labs has a lightweight construction and thereby can be easily used on plastic walled tanks. Other features include fast as well as efficient fill rate and dual level adjustable setting.

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