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Low profile 1kW power supply

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article image Accommodates three 1kW units.

DESIGNED for standalone use, the FPS 1000 power supply from Amtex Electronics is a 1U, 1000W power supply designed for installation in the FPS 1U x 19-inch rack assembly for n+1 redundancy.

This low profile rack can house up to three 1kW units, taking the available total power to 3000 watts.

The unit is also suitable as a combined power supply/battery charger in battery backup systems - all at 1U.

Output choices range from 24V, 32V and 48V dc and the wide adjustment range is typically 20%. It has a universal ac input with PFC and the choice of connector on the front or rear panel.

Isolation/redundancy diode is built-in; power-sharing of modules is standard; it has ac and dc fail alarms; and many more features that are prominent on the FPS 1000. It is also RoHS compliant.

If 6kW or 9kW is required, Amtex can stack one rack on top of the other. A short form data sheet or a full 42-page manual is available on the series.

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