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Converters available from Amtex Electronics

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Operated in parallel, converters from Amtex Electronics can substitute for a single 600W unit with say two 300W units, or in the case of a N+1 back-up solution, the number of units needed to power the load plus an extra unit as back up.

For example: a 600W unit with a 600W unit, or two 300W units with another 300W unit for redundancy.

The Amtex output parallel operates DC/DC converters in parallel to provide extra current, or as an N+1 redundancy.

By connecting the power share terminals between the two units, the power supplies can communicate with each other and adjust their output voltages to share the load evenly.

Amtex supplies its DC/DC converters with built-in redundancy diodes for a fault tolerant system.

To monitor the output in the event of failure, a voltage free relay contact can be connected to the anode side of the redundancy diode.

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