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Amtex Electronics suggests tips on selection of power supply to engineers

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Project engineers across several industries are often faced with a dilemma over power supply selection.

With a plethora of equipment available on the market, many engineers in this position are often asking if all power supplies are the same, and what is the best way to go about selecting the right one for the application?

Australian company Amtex Electronics, which specialises in customising solutions from its extensive lines of technology, suggests the following plan of action to engineers selecting a power supply.

Select reputable companies who specialises in DC power supplies.

Provide them with as much relevant details and specifications as possible regarding electrical, mechanical, environmental and operational parameters.

Discuss the new design with the sales and application engineers of each company. The engineers have a wealth of experience, having dealt with various requests, and are likely to recommend the suitable product.

Consider the cost of dealing with the potential supplier. The initial price of the product may only be a part of the overall cost, which can increase substantially if the product is unreliable, or there are delays in delivery, a short lifespan, or a need to replace the entire power supply and then awaiting approvals.

Amtex Electronics has been solving DC power supply problems for more than 27 years. Together with its new partner TDK-Lambda, Amtex has a wide range in DC power supply. For example, the new HWS series is a 5th generation design spanning more than 20 years.

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