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Ensure building wiring compliance with INSP-3 wiring inspectors from Amprobe

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Available now from Amprobe , the INSP-3 wiring inspector is a rugged testing instrument designed to verify a building's wiring compliance with electrical code, in particular, voltage drop under load.

Users of these wiring inspectors will be able to identify issues with splices, connections, and conductor quality; all of which are crucial to the safety and performance of an electrical system.

Relevant data read by the INSP-3 wiring inspector, including voltage, voltage drop, hot and neutral voltage drop, voltage with load, and ground impedance, is presented on a single large displa, meaning there is no scrolling or switching screens.

These wiring inspectors detect faulty wiring that is in need of repair, without needing to remove outlet cover plates or panel covers. They detect:

  • faulty splices and connections 
  • incorrect wiring 
  • undersized wiring 
  • faulty GFCIs, 
  • faulty or incorrectly wired AFCIs 
  • incorrect line voltage 
  • poor ground quality
Users can select 0, 10,15 and 20 amp loads to verify the performance of the electrical system. If incorrect wiring is detected or a voltage drop test fails, a clear indication is given by the flashing screen on the INSP-3.

Users can test GFCI and AFCI operations, check ground quality for its ability to support sensitive electronic equipment, and measure fault currents with these tools, all with no risk of tripping circuit breakers or blowing fuses during the test.

Save money and time by taking the guess work out of checking wiring compliance with the INSP-3 wiring inspector, available from Amprobe.

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