Amprobe Digital Multimeters for Residential, HVAC and Industrial Applications

by Amprobe

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Amprobe offer a comprehensive range of digital multimeters (DMM) for any job type. From the industrial meters safety-rated for CAT IV electrical environments, to simple pocket-sized meters, Amprobe has a digital multimeter that fits your needs.

Digital multimeters for harsh environments
  • Rugged construction
  • User friendly operation
  • Ensure accurate readings
  • Easy to read, large LCD display
Amprobe digital multimeter range
  • New AM-500 Digital Multimeter Series: Complete Line of Six Full-Featured Multimeters for Industrial, HVAC, Advanced Electrical and Residential Applications
  • Industrial Multimeters: Designed for outdoors or on wiring directly connected to main panels or utility transformers, these multimeters provide protection and measurement features you need
  • Precision Digital Multimeters: True-RMS, commercial grade digital multimeters offering higher accuracy and more features at a great price
  • Pocket Multimeters: Ultra compact and weighing only 85g, this multimeter delivers innovative features
  • Compact Multimeters: Save space and money but don’t scrimp on performance
  • Full-Size Multimeters: Cover a broad range of electronic, electrical, plant maintenance or HVAC applications for professionals. 
  • Pen-Style Multimeters: With a built-in probe let you take measurements one-handed
  • General Purpose Multimeters: Are portable, general tools to cover the electrical basics for home, auto, boat, RV or workshop use
Choose from a wide range of electronic test and measurement multimeters  
  • Automotive Multimeters: Amprobe AU92 is a full featured multimeter that has additional measurement for automotive servicing. Features include built in thermometer to measure air, surface or immersion temperature
  • RPM Measurement: Test engine RPM and dwell in addition to standard multimeter features of voltage, current, resistance and continuity
  • Fully Featured Digital Multimeters: Amprobe 35XP-A is a compact, full featured digital multimeter used for plant maintenance, HVAC, electrical and electronic applications
  • Digital Clamp One Multimeters: Amprobe ACD 14 FX is the professionals choice for both HVAC and electrical applications due to its complete set of measuring features
  • Heavy Duty Digital Multimeters: Amprobe HD110C is designed for professional use in harsh environments. The meter is unusually rugged and reliable in everyday heavy use applications. Made using waterproof construction to prevent dirt, grime and moisture from entering the case and causing inaccurate readings or damaging shorts
  • Precision Digital Multimeters: Amprobe 37XR-A True RMS Digital Multimeter has component and logic test for troubleshooting electronics at the bench or on the job site
Amprobe's has a wide range of cost effective and highly accurate digital multimeters to choose from to get the job done.
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21/06/12 - Amprobe offers a complete suite of Navigator clamp meters for electrical and HVAC technicians working in commercial and industrial environments.
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26/11/10 - The DGC-1000A Clamp-on Ground Resistance Testers from Amprobe have been designed to facilitate the work of operators and improve efficiency.
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26/10/10 - Now available from Amprobe, the new swivel clamp meter has a rotating head clamp design to allow easy viewing of the measurements in tight or hard to reach spaces.
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22/10/10 - Available now from Amprobe, the TRMS industrial multimeter is the ideal multimeter for electrical and HVAC professionals.
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21/10/10 - Available now from Amprobe, the INSP-3 wiring inspector is a rugged testing instrument designed to verify a building's wiring compliance with electrical code, in particular, voltage drop under load.
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