Amprobe has established itself as a value leader in quality test and measurement equipment and has become synonymous with clamp on meters. Amprobe produces test and measurement products for professionals in the electrical, maintenance, construction, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) markets.


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21/06/12 - Amprobe offers a complete suite of Navigator clamp meters for electrical and HVAC technicians working in commercial and industrial environments.
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21/11/11 - Amprobe IR-500 Infrared Thermometers don’t only provide accurate temperature readings. They also verify the presence of voltage and can be used as flashlights.
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13/09/11 - Amprobe's RTD-10W battery powered digital thermometers utilise RTD sensors rather than thermocouples to provide higher accuracy measurements.
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21/06/11 - Available now from Amprobe, the AMB-50 high voltage insulation tester has all the necessary features for professional insulation diagnostics, including calculation of PI, and DAR parameters.
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