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WORCESTER Controls Series 75 electric actuator adds a new dimension of operational dependability and flexibility to modern processes controlled by computers, programmable controllers and other electric control equipment.

The actuator is available in eight sizes and produces torques from 150 to 3000 in.lbs. The units are compact and lightweight and use powerful split phase capacitor ac reversing motors or dc motors driving through a permanently lubricated gear train.

General purpose, waterproof and hazardous location housings are available in a baked polyester finish as the standard coating. Operating voltages include 120V and 240V ac, 12V and 24V dc.

The Series 75 electric actuator offers a range of options and can be tailor made to meet the requirements of most applications. Cycle length controller, allows field adjustment of opening and closing times. Dual feedback potentiometer or 4-20mA position indicator board signals the exact position of the output shaft. Heater/thermostat prevents condensation. 180° centre off kit provides an extra position for 3-way valves. Mechanical brake is used to eliminate actuator drift. Voltage transient suppressor is available to protect the unit from voltage surges.

Other options available include the AF-17 positioner board that positions the actuator based on an input signal. The I-75 interface board that eliminates in-rush currents or voltage surges and makes the Series 75 a PLC/computer ready actuator and the HQ-99 board controller that is a single closed loop controller which controls a process based on setpoint signal and process feedback signal.

The Series 75 electric actuator is unique and specifically designed for rotary valve applications. Invensys 03 9729 2633.

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