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Downtime tracking and production efficiency

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WONDERWARE has expanded its FactorySuite 2000 industrial automation software system with the introduction of a new downtime tracking and production efficiency monitoring toolset.

The new DT Analyst module enables plant managers to easily determine if production equipment is functioning at optimum levels and to take corrective action where needed.

DT Analyst consists of a series of modules that acquire and decode information from plant systems and equipment to determine whether or not a particular subsystem or piece of machinery is in a down condition. It can also assist with evaluation of long-term productivity of the equipment to correct production weaknesses.

"Many times the most painful downtimes are those that are of short duration but which occur frequently," explained Kevin Tock, senior vice president and general manager.

"By using DT Analyst, a manufacturer can identify production weaknesses, optimize production processes and tap into a plant's 'hidden capacity' simply by reducing overall downtimes, changeover time, maintenance problems and product flow or bottleneck problems," he said.

DT Analyst supports multiple database types, although it is intended for use with FactorySuite's Industrial SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server 7.0.

DT Analyst consists of seven component modules:

· The Configurator is a standalone .exe program that loads system configuration settings into the database for launching the next time individual components are started; it permits engineers or managers to change the system setup for new downtime definitions and properties.

· The Logic Manager runs on the plant server and processes all downtime data. It monitors changing tag values, evaluates downtime definitions and records downtime events to the database.

· The Event Manager is a program client that runs on each HMI node or a standalone PC. It receives event notifications from the Logic Manager when a system goes down or backs up and enables operators to respond to alarms and manually enter related information, such as planned downtimes.

· An I/O Manager runs on the plant server and handles communications with PLCs or other data sources.

· The Efficiency Monitor both tracks and reports on system efficiency using client-specific calculations. This component is accessed by Business Nodes through a web browser interface and performs efficiency calculations to prepare desired reports.

· A Downtime Editor enables viewing of collected downtime information in graphical format, similar to a Gantt chart, to provide insight into event sequences during downtimes.

· A Report Module provides HTML reports to clients for viewing or printing via a browser.

The new DT Analyst product is available now for immediate delivery. Invensys 03 9729 0555.

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