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Amlec House offers protection and risk management services

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Amlec House  specialises in providing protection services to the corporate and business sectors. Amlec House also provides different technology applications pertaining to security, investigation, risk management, business intelligence in addition to the protection services. Risk management services offered by Amlec House include enterprise risk management and assessment, security and safety audit services, crisis management and disaster recovery planning, independent security technology assessment as well as situational problem solving services.

Amlec House also offers community and corporate governance services that include workplace violence safety training, personnel screening and background checks, data collection and information brokerage, workplace misconduct investigation as well as crime and fraud prevention strategies.

Amlec House has also been allied with companies like Workshare and Ace Security Laminates. These companies have also developed several security solutions. These security solutions are made available by Amlec House. Workshare offers accurate and secure review of various business critical documents. Workshare Professional is advantageous of the fact that it eliminates the confusion occurring during sharing of documents across portals and document repositories. Workshare Professional has various features including extended and secured document control, quick and accurate multi-party document review as well as discovery and removal of hidden data. Ace Security Laminates offers security solutions by manufacturing different types of safety films and security laminates.

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